Reality Is Made Of Narrative

How Businesses Can Program Reality To Change Their Future

This, in a way, is so familiar and blatantly ubiquitous that it is likely to be overlooked, in much the same way as we suppose that the fish will be the last to discover water.

The Bare Bones Of Naked Reality

Reality is not obvious. Reality is not real.

Narrative Is The Code To Program Reality

In other words, we live a narrative. We are defined, constituted and essentially made real by our narratives of ourselves.

“Narrative operates as an instrument of mind in the construction of reality.”

How To Program Reality Through Narrative

The Future / Reality Paradigm

The Model explained

Layer 1, Reality — The Future / Reality Pardigm
Layer 2, Time — The Future / Reality Paradigm

If our Present Perception of reality is a manifestation of efforts from the past then future reality will inevitably be created by behaviours and beliefs of the present.

The Methodology Of Reality Creation

Creating Reality Through Sequential Brand Alignment

How To Apply Sequential Brand Alignment

Sequential Brand Alignment

“What is the gut-feeling I want people to have about my business and how do I stimulate and foster this tender sensation?”

This is how you create a new reality for your business.

The first scribble of The Company Of The Future, ca. 2011

Using narrative to program reality is deciding the egg comes first, then the chicken.

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