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Is the world’s largest travel platform sanitizing their reviews during the COVID-19 travel crisis?

Fake online reviews of businesses and services have been an issue for the longest time. But what about real reviews that get swept under the rug.

Is that a thing?

A first-hand experience:

January 2020

I like cycling. Like really. I like to squeeze myself into fancy lycra and go for a ride on my road bike.

My wife can’t stand cycling or anything that has anything to do with it. Including me sometimes.

So a couple of friends and I planned a guys trip to ride our bikes. One of my buddies had just turned 40 the other one was about…

Photo: Markus Spiske / Pexels

How Businesses Can Program Reality To Change Their Future

There is only one way to start off this story — with the stereotypical and well-worn cliché of a genre-defining motion picture.

In this dystopian science fiction movie, humanity is unknowingly held captive inside an all-encompassing, simulated reality. Connected to an AI-type central intelligence, human bodies are conserved in a comatose state while their minds are soothed and subdued by being inserted into a universal virtual reality. Humans spend their whole lives inside this artificial reality without ever knowing that what they appear to be experiencing with their senses, is actually a computer programmed simulation.

They live in their…

How Businesses Can Advance Through Creating Reality

Businesses are insatiable creatures. They must grow. They need to expand. They have to increase their profits. Companies are always on the prowl to get more customers, extend their markets or boost their performance. They go to any lengths in order to add a couple of percentage points to whatever their chosen performance indicators might be. Literally, everything a company spends its money on is to advance and improve.

Businesses do, however, have a habit of staying away from anything too exotic or experimental until it becomes a tried and tested piece of applicable literature.

It is generally accepted…

Reality Creation Is Not Only Possible. It Is Inevitable.

At its core, the universe is ruled by what is called increasing entropy: the growing lack of order and predictability. Or better yet, the gradual decline into disorder and chaos. Have you ever stopped and wondered why your business sometimes, frequently or constantly feels insecure, anxious or depressing?

Increasing entropy means there is nothing true being held constant and not changing. The normal pattern is toward deterioration and disorder. However, humans can work to combine materials and energy into a lower entropy state; into a state that is more organized and predictable. But even then, humans cannot hold anything…

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WHYNOTNOW? — Building Purpose into a 50-year old Company

For the company it might have felt like someone had pulled the rug out from under its feet when we started the process. It was the opposite, though, what we were trying to achieve: Lay down the foundation for The Company of the Future to be. Giving a 50-year old start-up a purpose.

Chronologically this isn’t the first step we took. We are actually just making this move now, at this moment, a couple of years after we initially started our transformation into The Company of the Future.

I feel that it is important, however, to start here, at the…

Tele, Vienna/Austria

The Future Company Project

WHYNOTNOW? — A 50-year old business in Austria on its bumpy ride to become the Company of the Future. This is the story.

Today was a reminder. I received a broad hint that doing what we had started a couple of years ago is the way to go. That being disobedient toward the common understanding of “how things work” is not rebellious but an absolute necessity these days. That mainstream means down-stream, not up.

Today we had a meeting with one of the banks that we work with. And while my colleagues were explaining the numbers from a year…

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